It is not good for man to be alone. I will make a suitable helper for him. Genesis 2:18
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1.What is the vision of First Fruits Matrimony?

The Vision of First Fruits is to be a platform in making matches for First Generation believers and for those who are willing to marry First Generation believers, thereby building up Godly families in establishing the kingdom of God on earth as it is in Heaven.

2.Who is a First generation believer?

First generation believer translates to Mudhal Thalaimurai Christhavar in Tamil that is; he/she is not from a family of Christians.  In most cases a first generation believer might be the only person to have accepted Christ in the family. There could be cases where a sibling or the immediate family could also have accepted Christ. In either case, the first generation believer will be facing persecution either from his immediate family or from relatives and community people.

3.Who is eligible to register his/her profile in First Fruits Matrimony?

The person should either be a first generation believer or a traditional Christian who is willing to marry a first generation believer. The Christian should be fully aware of the challenges in marrying a first generation believer, challenges due to persecution in his/her family. First fruits strongly recommend traditional Christians to look for first generation matches only if God has put such a burden in their hearts.

4.Why Caste based matching is supported in First Fruits Matrimony?

       First fruits matrimony is operating with the sole burden to help first generation believers. In many instances, the family members of a first generation believer.   

       Who have not accepted Christ would comply with a Christian marriage if the bride/groom is from the same community. This is the reason why First Fruits.  

       Matrimony is supporting caste based matching. It is also our sincere prayer that inter-caste marriages should happen through First Fruits, and the caste barrier should be broken in Christendom.  

Please note, usage of the word ‘traditional’ does not refer to traditional practices but a person who is from a family of Christians for generations in past.

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